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3 Ways to Stand Out Through Community Involvement

Thanks to the Internet and your large pool of potential customers carrying smartphones, advertising your mortgage business has never been easier. You can get your message out to thousands of potential clients with a simple click – but does that click result in enough quality contacts?

Homebuyers want to do business with a mortgage company that they can trust, and your message may be getting lost among the avalanche of digital information.

Distinguish yourself from the pack by combining your advertising message with an increased community focus to build trust and gain valuable name recognition. Use these three strategies to help strengthen your community ties.

1. Work with Community Leaders

Do you belong to the local Chamber of Commerce or other business organizations? How about connections with charitable organizations and other non-profits? Do you retain memberships in civic clubs such as the Lions, Kiwanis, or Rotarians? Have you considered local houses of worship? All offer opportunities to improve your community relations.

Businesses in the same general market may be able to help, especially if your offerings are complementary. Partnership, anyone?

Don’t forget about your local political leaders (mayors, city council members, etc.). They must be careful to avoid conflicts of interest, but public servants can offer useful suggestions for places that your community involvement efforts would be greatly appreciated.

2. Include a Boots-On-The-Ground Approach

Your mortgage business will serve far more community members than community leaders. Community involvement should be a multi-level endeavor.

The logic is simple – if you sponsor teams and events but only provide money, you will make contacts within the community of organizers. If you go down to the next level and become more closely involved with the participants, you will vastly expand your contact network.

Attend the community theater production that you are sponsoring. Sponsor a bike trail and participate in a community ride. Throw an end-of-season party for your youth league team, and attend some games throughout the season. Set up booths at neighborhood festivals, fairs, and farmers’ markets. Organize charity events in cooperation with a neighborhood church. Advertise with, and attend, the athletic events at your local school, and don’t forget to sponsor academic events such as science fairs. These and many other options are available, waiting for your participation.

3. Start Outreach/Educational Programs

What better method of advertising can you have than to offer free assistance to those who need mortgage advice? Consider offering free seminars and outreach programs to help disadvantaged community members understand home buying and mortgages – or just basic financial information. Even classes on budgeting can help future clients learn how to save for their dream home.

Provide this service without direct advertising, and people will remember your contributions when it comes time for them to enter the housing market or recommend mortgage companies to their friends and families.

Community Participation May Be Vital to Your Mortgage Business

Sure, a lot of effort is involved in these strategies – but your efforts will bring a higher profile within the community and should instill a greater sense of trust in your company and services. You should also take pride in your good works, regardless of the outcome.

To help supplement your community involvement, LeadPoint is ready to send you quality mortgage and refinance leads filtered by geography, demographics, and credit characteristics at a scale that fits your needs. For more information, call 1-866-832-8156.

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