Revolutionizing your lead ecosystem

Every day, LeadPoint reimagines how consumers, lead Buyers, and lead Sellers fit in a constantly changing world. This obsession with improving value and user experience for every player in the lead chain lies at the heart of all our products. From the world’s first online lead exchange—MarketPlace—to our game-changing financial community——LeadPoint is revolutionizing online lead generation.

Leadership Team

Growing and operating a great business like LeadPoint requires an experienced, eclectic, and cohesive management team. Ours is comprised of proven leaders in technology, business development, finance, and administration:

  • Marc Diana
    Marc Diana Founder, Chief Executive Officer
  • Jas Dhillon
    Jas Dhillon Chief Strategy Officer
  • Noah Staitman
    Noah Staitman Chief Operating Officer
  • David Tobias
    David Tobias SVP of Marketing
  • Charlie Rehor
    Charlie Rehor Director, Engineering
  • Tudor Barac-Matei
    Tudor Barac-Matei VP of Revenue and Analytics
  • Sabrina Greenwood-Briggs
    Sabrina Greenwood-Briggs Director of People

Our Heritage & Investors

LeadPoint revolutionized the multi-billion-dollar online-lead-generation industry by establishing the first web-based lead exchange in 2004. For the first time—within a single, secure, and transparent environment—businesses could purchase real-time data and consumer-initiated voice leads from top marketers across multiple verticals. Today, hundreds of thousands of leads are purchased every month by over 2,000 Buyers across North America and Europe. LeadPoint investors include:

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