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5 Keys to building a Good Relationship with a Lead Referral Service

Is your pipeline of sales leads running dry? It may be time to turn to a mortgage lead provider for help – but how do you know what to look for in a lead-providing partner?

You have many reputable options with different approaches to gathering and supplying leads. These five tips can help you find the best provider for your needs and establish a useful, long-term relationship.

1. Know Thyself

How well do you know your own needs? Lead providers aren’t mind readers. If you can’t summarize your own requirements in an understandable fashion, you can’t expect a lead provider to fill in the blanks automatically.

What kind of return do you realistically expect on purchased leads? Do you require exclusive leads? Is lead filtering important to you?  How far can you stretch your budget? Know what you want and narrow down your options based on those criteria.

2. Look for Affordability and Capability

There’s no sense in working with a lead provider who requires you to buy more leads than you can afford, or can possibly follow up on. Make sure that your lead provider can work within your budget – and even when the budget is limited, you should still demand value for the dollars that you do spend.

On the other hand, remember that “affordable” does not mean “unrealistically cheap.” Be very suspicious if the offer presented comes at a disproportionately low price.

3. Expect Customer Service

You are attentive to your clients’ needs. Why should you expect a lead provider to be any less attentive to yours?

Look for clues in the initial transaction. Did things go smoothly? If it didn’t, were you able to contact the lead provider to resolve your concerns? Customer service is not likely to improve with time, so a difficult opening transaction is a red flag.

4. Check Your Results

It takes time to evaluate the quality of leads properly from a mortgage lead referral service – but don’t get lazy and forget the follow-up stage altogether. After a suitable amount of time has passed, compare the results of internally generated leads with those from your lead supplier. Did you get a realistic return on the leads provided by your source? If not, find out the reason why.

5. Give Feedback

Undoubtedly, you’ll let your lead provider know if you’re unhappy with the results of their leads. Be sure to let them know also when you’re happy with the results. You like to hear from satisfied customers, and your lead provider is no different. It establishes the groundwork for successful future transactions.

Look for a Partnership

Are you noticing a theme?  Treating a lead provider relationship like a partnership can keep your sales pipeline full and smooth out ebbs and flows in your own lead capabilities. As with any other relationship, make a wise choice of lead provider and both parties will benefit.

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