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While the fundamentals of lead generation are familiar to many, new individuals turn to lead gen every day as a method of acquiring customers and filling their pipeline of new business.  For that fresh audience, as well as those who want a review, a summary of its benefits is worth repeating.

Online lead generation is an efficient and measurable way to acquire new customers that increasingly plays a greater role in many companies’ marketing budgets.  Lead generation falls under the category of performance marketing. More than any other marketing method, lead generation earns this distinction by providing those who use it with consumers whom they are able to convert.

On one side, you have marketing experts who create landing pages or websites and drive consumer traffic to them through various direct-marketing activities.   To use a real-world example, if a consumer in today’s technology-driven world wants to refinance his home, he typically Googles a phrase along the lines of “refinancing your home.”  This search takes the consumer to a website / landing page where he fills in details and requirements for the type of refinance loan he desires. Once he submits his information, he effectively becomes what is called a “lead.”

To summarize, a lead is information about a consumer who is interested in a product or service.  In submitting his information, the consumer responded to some form of marketing advertisement because he is in the market for the advertiser’s product or service and has agreed to be contacted about it.

Now on the other side of the equation, there are businesses who want access to consumers who are interested in the products and services that they provide.  Moving forward with the refinance example above, there are mortgage brokers who are seeking to find consumers interested in refinancing their homes. In today’s increasingly specialized media environment, it has become both difficult and often cost-inefficient for businesses such as loan officers to reach their target customers through traditional marketing methods. While they may advertise in a phone book and have a website, they have neither the time nor the expertise to generate the constant flow of prospective customers that they desire. This shouldn’t be a surprise.  For mortgage brokers to be successful, their skills should be finding the right mortgages for their clients and not internet marketing!

This is where LeadPoint comes in. As a lead marketplace, we introduce the mortgage loan officer with expert online marketing professionals through the exchange of leads in a secure and efficient environment.  Both parties benefit from their participation.  The lead sellers benefit from their marketing expertise through the generation of leads.  The lead buyers benefit by acquiring consumers interested in their product or service in one of the most cost-efficient manners.  And the consumer comes out ahead as well.  If you are interested in learning more about how LeadPoint can help you obtain more customers, please contact us.

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