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What do you get with the mortgage leads you purchase?

Do you use a “turn and burn” operation that simply supplies leads without any context or advice? If so, is that really all you need?

Perhaps all your business needs is a list of potential buyers. However, most mortgage businesses benefit from frequent interaction with their mortgage lead providers. If you don’t know all of their capabilities, how can you be sure that you’re extracting the highest value for your purchase?

Get to Know Your Provider

Mortgage leads are only as good as the people behind those leads. Your lead purchasing interactions will give you an initial feel for customer service, but have you put their customer service to the test?

Ask questions. If you aren’t buying exclusive leads, how often are leads resold? What methods does the provider use to generate or acquire leads? Will your provider supply filters to focus leads on more likely targets – or even provide exclusive leads in the future, if that’s what you need? What is the lead return policy?

A suitable lead provider will not only answer your questions to your satisfaction, but also introduce you to other services that they offer in order to increase value.

Personal Service

The best mortgage lead providers act as trusted consulting advisers to help you make the most out of the data they provide. This could be through direct assistance with lead management services, interfacing with your own CRM system as efficiently as possible, tailoring lead delivery to your requirements, or otherwise helping you optimize your return on investment.

Proper account management is key. Your lead provider should know you well enough to understand what you need – and what you don’t – to help you monetize as many leads as possible. Converting mortgage leads to closed mortgage loans is the essence of what you do. Services that don’t move you toward that goal represent wasted time and money. Top mortgage lead providers should welcome feedback from clients. The more they know about you and your goals, the better they should be able to help you achieve them.

A Fit for Your Budget

Budget considerations are an important component of customer service. Your mortgage lead provider should work with you to make sure that your needs are being met without breaking your budget.

Providers will be happy to sell you extra services if that’s what you really need. However, a good lead provider will act with your best interest in mind. Is there a more efficient or cost-effective way to meet your goals?

Remember that you may have to pay extra for specialized services – but you should never have to pay for basic customer service.

Are You Getting Value?

“You get what you pay for.” That old adage is often accurate, but only if you truly understand what you purchased and take full advantage of it.

Your mortgage lead provider should be able to help you get the most value out of your purchased leads. Find out where that value lies – and if you can’t find it at all in your current lead provider, consider switching to a new one.

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